Hand Forged Tarp Hooks for Canvas Wagon Cover

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$5.75 - $75.95
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Secure your canvas wagon cover with our authentic hand-forged tarp hooks.

Make sure your wagon is period correct with our hand-forged hooks. These beautifully crafted hooks are also great for hanging wagon equipment on your wagon. Standard-size cover requires 14 tarp hooks.


  • Hook: 3/4" width x 4 3/8" height x 1 1/2" depth

Q & A

Question: What is the best way to install my tarp hooks?

Answer: We recommend that you install your tarp hooks at the same time as your canvas wagon cover. This ensures that the hooks line up with the rope loops on your wagon cover. Start by putting the canvas cover over the bows, centering and positioning it in place. Install the tarp hooks about 4 to 6 inches below the rope openings on the canvas edge using 3/16" carriage bolts or 3/16" truss-head rivets.

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