Tire Setting - Cold Set Steel Tires

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Tire setting is a maintenance that needs to be performed regularly to prevent damage to your wheel.

Setting a tire is simply a process of tightening the steel band around the wheel. It is the tension in the steel tire band that binds the joinery of the wheel together. Tire setting is likely to be needed on any old wheel that has seen many seasons of humidity changes or on any new wheel that has a lot of miles on it. It's the steel tire's continuous peening action against the road that actually stretches the steel tire. Price of shipping is not included. Email for information on shipping your wheels.

HOW TO CHECK YOUR WHEELS TO SEE IF THE TIRES REQUIRE SETTING: With a hammer, strike the outside face of the tire directly against the wheel. If you hear a ringing tone, your tire is tight. If you hear a thud and dust exits from around the tire, your tire is loose and needs to be set.

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