Two Horse Evener with Singletrees

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$225.95 - $228.95
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No. 1 quality hardwood hitch equipment. Available in 2 sizes.

This two horse evener includes a doubletree (beam) made from ash with two 30" singletrees constructed from hickory. Available in 2 sizes-Draft or Horse (Halflinger). Doubletree is extra heavy with malleable center plate and heavy steel stay chain clevises. Each singletree is crafted of hickory and fully ironed. Singletrees have 7/16' hand forged hook ends. Authentic period hardware and fasteners.


  • Draft Size: Doubletree measures 48" in length; singletree measures 34" in length at wood.
  • Horse Size: Doubletree measures 42" in length; singletree measures 30" in length at wood.
  • 1 15/16" stock thickness on doubletree
  • Treated with Linseed Oil
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