US 4 Mule Escort Wagon

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Remarkable wagon in solid condition, eagerly awaiting its next adventure!

Featuring new bows, a sturdy canvas cover, a pole doubletree, brakes, and a drop tailgate, this wagon is equipped with everything you need to hitch and ride.

Not just that, but the wheels have been reconstructed with new spokes and felloes, ensuring optimal performance and durability. The large front toolbox comes with two spacious compartments and a flip-up footboard, allowing you to store all your essentials conveniently and securely.

The spring seat, mounted on traditional risers, has been given a complete rebuild, ensuring utmost support for the journey ahead.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this remarkable piece of history. Experience the joy of driving a truly authentic US 4 Mule Escort Wagon, where tradition meets quality.

Don't let this chance slip away - own it today! Contact us at 605-996-8754 for more information. 

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