1" Solid Shaft Axle with Lock Collars

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Inexpensive axle for easy assembly and axle length adjustment.

This is the ideal axle for vending carts, smaller scale cannons and small display wagons. Constructed using 1" round solid shaft, this simple axle has adjustable lock collars for easy adjustments for hub size and distance between wheels. Standard axle length is 47" overall, but can be easily shortened by adjusting lock collars and cutting off one end. Longer axle lengths are available.

Use with our Axle Bracket for 1" Solid Shaft Axle.


  • 1" round shaft with 4 lock collars. 47" overall length.


  • Question: Do I need to put a bushing in wheels when used with this axle?
    • Answer: No, the hubs can have a straight bore to accomodate the axle as-is (with a sligiht tolerance for lubrication and turning ease). You can apply beeswax/candle wax/paste wax, or even Vaseline if the assembly starts to squeak or becomes difficult to turn
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