Wood Vending Cart Wheels 24"- 28"

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These wheels are designed for replicating historic vending carts. Available in 24" and 28" diameter.

Authentic wood-hub wheels with hard rubber tires to protect floors. These authentic-style wheels work with our 1" Solid Shaft Axle and Axle Bracket. For three wheel carts combine with our Front Wheel for Vending Carts.

Wheels are sold with raw (unfinished) wood and steel.


  • Metal Hub: 4" diameter x 4 3/4" deep. 12 Spokes: 1" wide at hub. Felloe: 1" x 1".
  • Axle widths available for either 32” (38" Overall width) or 36” wide carts (42" Overall width)
  • Wheel rotates on axle spindle. Lubricated bushing and spindle assembly.
  • Overall Bracket: 14 3/8" long x 5" wide x 8" deep with U-Bolt to fit 1" round axle.
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