Sealed Bearing Cart Wheels with Axle

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Appropriate for use on pony or vending carts.

Sealed bearing hub, sturdy construction and rubber tires, make this wheel ideal for vending carts that will be "wheeled" around.

Wheels are sold with raw (unfinished) wood and steel. 


  • Wheel: 28" diameters (to the wood) with 12 spokes and 1" round rubber tire.
    • Diameter overall including rubber is 30"
  • Hub length: 5 1/4"
  • Axle: 1" square axle with 3/4" round spindles.
  • Axle measures 33" collar to collar and 42" overall length.


  • Question: What maintenance will I need to do on these wheels?
    • Answer: This wheel/axle assembly has a sealed bearing design and is very low maintenance as they will not need to be greased. You do want to make sure that you DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN the nut on the end so that the wheel and bearing assembly can work properly.
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