Chuck Wagon Conversion

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Bring us a wagon you already own or select one of our existing stock wagons and our team of talented craftsmen will turn it into a Chuck Wagon!

If you have always wanted your very own one-of-a-kind chuckwagon from Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop, now you can make that dream come true! 

With our help, you can create your very own Chuck Wagon with the installation of selected essential components. Plus, the beauty of these coveted collector's pieces is that  you can keep adding components and accessories to it until it's precisley how you want it.

Let us help you create the Chuck Wagon of your dreams today!

Our basic Chuck wagon conversion package for $6,510.95, Includes;

  • Wagon bows installed using wagon clips.
  • Custom chuck box with door that folds down into a large work surface
  • Barrel platform with 15-gallon oak hinged-lid water barrel
  • Jockey box on the front of the wagon
  • Canvas Sunforger Wagon Cover and Hand-Forged Tarp Hooks
  • Labor to install all items to a wagon you already own or to one you want to purchase from our inventory
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