Traditional Chuck Wagon - Custom Build

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Check out our Traditional Chuck Wagon, it's all set with wooden wagon bows and a canvas cover - just hitch it up, and you're good to go!

What's fun about this Chuck Wagon is its customizability.

Start with the base model and then tailor-make it to suit your style by adding custom options and rare collectibles whenever you want.

Eager to learn more? Download our downloadable Chuck Wagon Brochure.


  • New High Wheel Running Gear and Double Box
  • Original-Style Ratchet Brake
  • Wagon Seat 
  • Deluxe Chuck Box with Drawers and Door/Table
  • Front Mount Jockey Box
  • 15 Gallon Oak Barrel with Hinged Lid (Mounted)
  • Wagon Bows Mounted with Bow Clips
  • Canvas Wagon Cover with Forged Tarp Hooks
  • Additional Options Available
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