Touring Mountain Wagon - Custom Build

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Custom built Moutain Passenger Wagon - A type of American passenger wagon, used in the mountainous regions of the far West.

From the mid-19th century to the 1900s this vehicle could be fitted with two or four seats on which the passengers were seated crosswise and often had a high standing top and ample rearward luggage space.

The Moutain Wagon has three reaches common in the stagecoach but was unique in that it had side springs and crosswise elliptical springs.


Question: How do you ship this vehicle to me?

Answer: We coordinate shipments of large freight items - such as our wagons, carriages, and coaches - within a network of private carriers so that your freight is safely transported to your destination without transfer. These are usually coordinated as partial loads in order to save costs, so it can take anywhere between 2 days to 2 weeks to find a ride. They will be transported in enclosed vans that vary from "U-Haul" size box vans to full 53' semi trailers. Contact us for more information and freight quotes.

Question: How do I offload this vehicle at delivery?

Answer: If you have a delivery location with a loading dock available this is your best option. However, we can also deliver to any location that a semi-trailer can access. We then recommend coordination with a towing service to use a tilt-bed wrecker truck. The vehicle can be rolled off the trailer on to the bed of the wrecker truck and it will be tilted/lowered down to the ground from there.

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