Light-Duty Express Wagon

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Historic design and craftsmanship offered unfinished or stained. Pricing for unfinished.

Small wagon size offers big impact in historic design and beautiful detail. Express wagons were an integral part of the history of transportation and commerce. A versatile horse-drawn vehicle for the distribution of goods during the horse-drawn era, this wagon design was used to portray the quality of product and pride of the business ownership. We equip our Light Duty Express Wagon with all the original designs and details of the original express wagons, such as a comfortable seat with risers, drop tailgate and flair boards. The "fifth wheel" on the running gear allows for short turns and the three elliptical leaf springs add comfort to the ride. Roller bearing axles make for easy maintenance and rubber tires on sturdy wood wheels make for a quieter ride. Hand-forged hardware including a toe rail for driver support, reflect all the craftsmanship of the blacksmith era. Antique stain finish and hand painted lettering and striping available. May be used with single horse or a team. Visit with Jerome at 605-996-8754 for additional options and pricing.


  • Box: 44" wide x 99 1/2" long and 9 1/4" high without flair boards.
  • Overall width - 66"
  • Height: 41" to bottom of box and 61" to top of seat
  • Wheels have 1 1/2" wide spokes and rubber tires. Front wheel: 34" diameter. Back wheel: 46" diameter.
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