Horse-drawn Commercial Vehicles

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Over 255 authentic illustrations of vehicles.

Journey back to a bygone era when city streets and country roads thronged with a rich assortment of horse-powered vintage vehicles: ice wagons, drays, lunch wagons, delivery trucks, fire engines, buggies, carts, log wagons, stagecoaches, hearses, and many more. 

You'll find them all in this treasury of over 250 authentic illustrations-many inaccessible elsewhere-depicting a wide variety of commerical conveyances of long ago. The author, a former member of the curatorial staff of the Smithsonian Institution's Division of Transporation, has carefully selected detailed engravings of the period, many from rare trade periodicals in the collection of the Smithsonian, as well as photographs.

Well-researched captions accompany the illustrations focusing on how the design of each vehicle served its spedific purposes and needs, and supplying various dimensions, coloring, and other details. The author has also written an engrossing historical introduction that sharply defines the development of commercial vehicles in an age of headlong expansion and industrial advancement. 

Invaluable for anyone interested in antique transportation, this volume is alos an ideal source of copyright-free illustration for use in ads, catalogs, book and magazine illustrations and much more.

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  • 148 Pages
  • 8 1/2" X 11"
  • Softcover


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