How I Built A Sheepherders Wagon

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Build your own Tiny House on Wheels.

This is a great companion book to our Sheep Wagon Plans. Our friend and customer, Bob Heavirland, put together this great reference book while building his sheep wagon.

Full of pictures, directions and great helpful hints, Bob walks you through the process that he used while building his wagon using our plans. 21 chapters of great useful information.

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  • 112 pages
  • 8 1/2" X 11" X 1/2"
  • Softcover







  • Size of running gear
  • Size of mattress (your size)
  • Shop size
  • Tolls used
  • Materials selection
  • Estimated costs
  • Estimated weight

CHAPTER 1: Marking up drawings

CHAPTER 2: Setting up the workshop

CHAPTER 3: Laying out floor and assembly

CHAPTER 4: Fabrication of sides and bench seats

CHAPTER 5: Building assembly fixture

CHAPTER 5.5: Making Side Irons

CHAPTER 6: Assembly of sides to floor

CHAPTER 7: Installation of benches and wagon sides

CHAPTER 8: Installation of bows

CHAPTER 9: Fabrication and installation of the cross stretchers

CHAPTER 10: Fabrication of end frames and wagon rods

CHAPTER 11: Building bed frame and wagon rods

CHAPTER 12: Covering outside ends

CHAPTER 13: Installation of inside wood

CHAPTER 14: Cabinet construction suggestions

CHAPTER 15: Outside storage box

CHAPTER 16: Finishing

CHAPTER 17: Canvas installation (Choices)

CHAPTER 18: Stove installation and stove pipe options

CHAPTER 19: Running gear options, Installation

CHAPTER 20: Lessons Learned

CHAPTER 21: Reference potos and tandem running gear sketch

CHAPTER 22: Materials list and Source fo supply

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