Lazy Back Seat Hardware

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Available as complete set of components (seat assembly illustration and fasteners included) or specific hardware components (no fasteners). Select options below. 

Our lazy-back seat hardware kit includes all irons a wagon or buckboard spring seat:

A) Hand-Forged Arm Rests-pair 

B) Back Rest Irons-pair

C) Seat Corners-pair

D) Wagon Seat Hangers-set of 4.

To complete your lazy-back seat we also have Heavy Duty Seat Springs and Wagon Seat Spring Blocks.

Another great resource to help in building buggy and wagon seats is the book Wheelwrighting: A Modern Introduction Vol 2


  • A. Arm Rests:
    • 1/2" round stock material
  • B. Seat Back Rest:
    • 15" long x 1" wide x 3/16" thick
  • C. Seat Corners:
    • 4 3/4" overall length
    • 1/8" material
  • D. Seat Hangers:
      • Overall height - 3 3/4"
      • Width of opening for seat spring block - 1 1/2"
      • Width of opening for wagon box side board - 1 1/16"
      • 3/16" thick material

Q & A

Question: How do I make the wood components for my seat?

Answer: If you are rebuilding a seat that has deteriorated, use the existing components as a pattern for creating your wood components. If you are starting from "scratch", use our basic seat assembly illustration with dimensional information for the wood components that you will be making. Dimensional information is for a seat to fit on a 38" wide wagon box. 

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  • 5
    Seat back rest irons, armrests, corner irons

    Posted by John on Mar 14th 2022

    "Thank you for supplying critical hardware for the seats on my complete reconstruction of a 1900 freight wagon. I attached a picture of the wreckage I found originally and the finished work, five years in the making and completed on Father's Day last week. Good People supplied craftsmanship for the wheels, remade iron parts and magnificent red oak, some timbers measuring a full twelve feet long/ twelve inches wide and one inch thick. The wagon is entirely red oak and iron. You helped make it happen."

  • 5
    Seat Hardware

    Posted by Randall on Nov 19th 2021

    Love it, thanks. Hopefully I'll be doing another one in the future, and when I do, I definitely will be doing business with you guys.

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