Wheelwrighting: A Modern Introduction Vol 2

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Must-Have Reference Book! 

Discover a treasure trove of information all in one place that you won't find anywhere else!

Are you fascinated by Wheelwrighting? Don't let the title fool you - Volume 2 of "Wheelwrighting: A Modern Introduction" goes beyond just wheel building!

Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional, this book is your ultimate guide. From brake installation to constructing hardtops and folding tops, this comprehensive book covers it all.

Seeking knowledge on building poles, shafts, buggy or wagon seats? Look no further! The Table of Contents will amaze you with its extensive range of topics.

This book even discusses wheel-building machines and methods, along with providing detailed instructions on building a Red River Cart and Buckboard.

But that's not all - delve into the fascinating world of wood for carriage and buggy building, and gain valuable insights on using wood in different climates. Explore the boundless possibilities with "Wheelwrighting: A Modern Introduction Volume 2" - your go-to resource!

Bundle & Save by getting both volumes at one time!

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  • Size 11" X 9" X 1"
  • 341 pages
  • Softcover
  • Spiralbound

Table of Contents

  • Section 1: Installing Brakes
    • Spring Wagon Brakes 
    • Installing Cable and Hydraulic Brakes 
  • Section 2: Building Hardtops and Folding Tops
    • Building a Platform Top
    • Covering Folding Tops
    • Top Rebuilding Jig
  • Section 3: Buidling Poles and Shafts
    • Assembling a Pole
    • Assembling a Set of Shafts
    • Chart of Shaft Sizes based on Horse Size
    • Chart of Shafts and Poles
  • Section 4: Building Buggy and Wagon Seats
    • Basic Buggy and/or Wagon Seat Construction
  • Section 5: Wheel Building: Methods
    • Sarven Wheels by Fisher
    • Manufacturing Wooden Hubs
    • Boring the Hubs and Setting the Boxings
    • Building Large Hubs
  • Section 6: Wheel Building: Machines
    • Spoke tenoning machine- Vertical
      • Building a Tenoning Machine- Horizontal
      • Spoke Master
      • Spoke Tenoning Machine-Horizontal 
    • Tire Rollers
      • Tire Roller
      • Tire Roller
      • Tire Roller
      • Simple Tire Bender
    • Rubber Tire Applying Machines
      • Rubber Tire Applying Machine
      • Upright Remington Rubber Tire Applying Machine
      • Rubber Tire Machine
      • Putting On Rubber Tires
    • Joint Closer Machines
      • Joint Closer (Rubber Tire Closing Machine)
      • Shop Built Joint Closer
    • Hub Boring Machine
    • Spoke Lathe
  • Section 7: Carts and Buckboards
    • Building a Buckboard
    • The Red River Cart
  • Section 8: Wood
    • Woods for Carriage and Buggy Building
    • Wood in different climates
  • Epilog
  • Appendices
    • Training in the Craft of Wheelwrighting and Carriage Building
    • Resources for Buggy Builders
    • Business Directory
    • Contributors to this book
  • References
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