Wheelwrighting-A Modern Introduction

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Covers everything from start to finish as well as a good resource listing.
A general reference book on wheel construction, accessible to beginners yet challenging to intermediate level wheelwrights. Chapters on the progressive steps of wheelmaking, from tenoning spokes to installing felloes & setting tires. The Most Comprehensive Book on Building Carriage and Wagon Wheels—Ever!
SECOND EDITION NOW WITH UPDATED LIST OF RESOURCES FOR BUGGY BUILDERS IN APPENDIX ‘D’ This general reference book is accessible to beginners while at the same time challenging to intermediate level wheelwrights. Lots of information—the chapters guide the reader through the first steps in wheel building—for Sarven hubs, bolted hubs, wagon hubs and carriage hubs. Subsequent chapters follow the progressive steps in wheel construction up to the complete wheel building sequence.
It's not often that we see a truly definitive work produced dealing with horse drawn vehicles…. You can't afford to not have this book in your reference library, especially if you are involved with horse drawn vehicles. Writing it is a lifetime achievement; reading it is similarly worthwhile." The Driving Digest, January/February 2003 "I think this book will answer a lot of questions for the novice wheelwright as well as sharing new ideas for the professional. It covers everything from start to finish as well as a good resource listing. We get calls all the time from interested builders and now we have a book to recommend to them." Doug Hansen, Hansen Wheel and Wagon Shop, Letcher, SD December 2002


  • Coil binding—it will lay flat when open on workbench 380 pages including 147 drawings and 230 photos, 8 1/2" X 11"
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