Making Tracks Art Print

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Introducing the MAKING TRACKS ART PRINT, presenting a rare collection of captivating visuals ranging from the 1860's to the early 1900's.

This print delves into the historical westward movement in the 1800's, encapsulating the spirit of cowboys, homesteaders, miners, and the military, while emphasizing the pivotal role played by transportation in connecting our nation.

Serving as the second addition to a remarkable series, this print skillfully captures a glimpse of the often overlooked craftsmanship of countless early vehicle makers. Diving deeper into the essence of western vehicles, this print showcases an assortment of unique design features and cutting-edge equipment that was deployed in constructing the robust wheels of the old west.

Crafted with acid-free materials, this artifact ensures longevity and preservation. Additionally, a complimentary postcard featuring the remarkable Making Tracks print is included.

Please note that this creation is protected by copyright, and any reproduction or usage without the express written permission from the copyright holder is strictly prohibited. Rest assured, the print you purchase will be devoid of any watermark, guaranteeing an authentic and pristine addition to your collection.


  • 23" x 38"
  • PRINT ONLY (no frame)
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