Wheels That Won the West Art Print

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Don't pass up on the chance to own an exclusive piece of American history with the limited edition "WHEELS THAT WON THE WEST ART PRINT"!

This captivating print offers a glimpse into the rich legacy of America's earliest western vehicle makers, who played an integral role in the gold strikes, military campaigns, homesteading, freight hauling, railroad construction, and cattle industry.

Featuring remarkable illustrations sourced from vintage engravings and original lithographs, this print showcases the iconic names and locations of these legendary outfitters, along with their establishment dates.

It's a visual tribute to the pioneers and visionaries who shaped the West and transformed its landscape forever. Whether you choose to display this extraordinary artwork with or without a frame, it holds the power to transport you back in time to an era when the West was untamed and full of endless possibilities.

It is a rare opportunity to own a piece of American heritage that will be cherished for generations to come. Seize this exclusive chance to add a touch of history, culture, and awe-inspiring beauty to your collection.


  • 26"X 39" print; printed on acid-free, 80lb cover stock.
  • This is copyrighted and reproduction of any kind is not allowed without written permission from the copyright holder. The print you buy will not have the diagonal watermark
  • Wagon makers that are included on this poster are: Abbot-Downing Co.; Bain Wagon Co.; Beggs Wagon Co.; Birdsell Mfg. Co.; Brown Mfg. Co.; Burg Wagon Co.; Caldwell Wagon; Charter Oak; Eclipse Wagon; A.A. Cooper Wagon Co.; Coquillard Wagon Works; Fish Bros. Wagon Co.; Flint Wagon Works; Florence Wagon Co.; Harrison Wagon Co.; Huntingburg Wagon Works; J. Murphy & Sons; Jackson Wagon Austin, Knapheide Wagons, Quincy; Tomlinson, & Webster; LaBelle Wagon Works; Lamons Wagon Co.; Luedinghaus-Espenschied; Milburn Wagon Co.; Miller Wagon Co.; Mitchell Wagon Co.; Moline Wagon Co.; Newton Wagon Co.; Geo. E. Nissen & Co.; Kentucky Wagon Co.; Olds Wagon Co.; Owensboro Wagon Co.; Pekin Wagon Co.; Peter Schuttler Wagon Co.; Piedmont Wagon Co.; Springfield Wagon Co.; Stoughton Wagon Co.; Studebaker Wagon Co.; T.G. Mandt Wagon Co.; Troy Wagon Works; Turnbull Wagon Co.; Webber & Damme; Weber Wagon Co.; Webster Wagon Co.; and Winona Wagon Co. 
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