Snake Pot Rack-Hand Forged

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Functional piece of art, serves as a pot rack for your outdoor cookouts.

Our hand-forged, coiled rattlesnake pot rack, attaches to our bipod or a 5/8" metal stake to keep coffee and food warm.

Easily adjustable to set at different heights above the fire, the innovative design makes serving food from the campfire safer. this is a true example of functional frontier art. Made by a blacksmith/artisan here in the midwest, who creates an individual art piece each time he hand forges the snake head and rattlers on these potholders.

Makes a great gift for the cook out enthusiasts.


  • 24" length
  • 9 5/8" wide
  • 2 3/4" deep

Q & A

Question: How do you adjust the height of the Rattlesnake Pot Rack?

Answer: The pot rack is designed to work with either our BiPod or on a 5/8" round metal stake which would be inserted into the "spiral" portion of the pot rack. The rack is weighted so that it stays in place when not being lifted or lowered manually.

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