Hand Forged Cooking Utensils

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Authentic design utensils for camp or backyard BBQ. Our hand-forged Grilling Fork, Steak Flipper, Spatula, Ladle, and Dutch Oven Lid Lifter, are designed and quality crafted by a blacksmith right here in the heartland. Sturdy construction with extra-long handles made from 3/8" round steel and components hand riveted or forge-welded together for authentic period design. Hand rubbed with bees wax. Made in USA.


  • Grilling Fork - 23" length.
  • Steak Flipper - 22 1/2" length.
  • Spatula - 22 1/2" length.
  • Ladle - 22 1/2" length.
  • Dutch Oven Lid Lifter - 22 1/2" length.

Q & A

Question: How do I keep my hand-forged utensils from rusting?

Answer: Always clean and dry your utensils immediately after use. Store in a dry climate-controlled location.

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