Coffee Pot Tipper-Hand Forged

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Great for campfire cookouts.

For a safer, easier way to serve coffee around a campfire, use our Hand Forged Coffee Pot Tipper–ideal for cook outs and chuck wagon cook offs. The ingenious design of our coffee pot tipper allows for one handed pouring while the handle stays cool (so there's no need to grab a potholder every time you pour). Tri-pod and Bipod sold separately.


  • 34 1/2" length
  • 6" wide handhold
  • 7 1/2" center hook
  • 7" end hook

Q & A

Question: What type of coffee pot works best with the coffee pot tipper?

Answer: The coffee pot tipper is designed to work with a medium to large coffee pot that has an additional handle positioned horizontally near the base of the pot, such as our Antique Chuck Wagon Coffee Pot.

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