Archibald Bolt Hub Wheels-Custom Order

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These strong and high quality bolt hub wheels are just the thing for your larger Hitch Wagons. We also recommend this hub design for Army Escort Wagons & Cannons. 

The construction utilizes 16 2 1/4" solid hickory spokes and bent felloes epoxied into a cast iron 10" Archiblad bolt hub. This hub is machined to accept our 12" hydraulic brake, giving these heavy duty wheels a roller-bearing feel. 

There is an option of either a dome-shaped hub cap or can be fitted with a brass knurled cap.

Utilize with our 2" roller-bearing axle. Price listed is the starting price - per wheel. 

Kindly keep in mind that due to the construction process for custom wheels, allow 6 to 8 months for delivery.

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