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Vendor Cart Wheels Kit

Stock No: IWK000

16", 24", 30" diameter wheels with rubber tires and axles.

This wheel kit is ideal for use in building vendor carts, display carts or other commercial uses. The 3-piece cart kit includes two, 12-spoked wheels (built of solid hickory), with a black cast iron, flush hub. The 1” round steel axle has bushings included on each end. They are threaded for a nut and then capped with a threaded dust cap. Standard axle lengths are for 30" or 36” wide cart body. Please select body width for axle length from the drop down. Also select wheel diameter - which measures 16", 24” or 30” at the wood. Rubber tires add 1 1/2" to the overall diameter. Recommended maximum weight capacity: 350 lbs per pair of wheels.

Axle Bracket for Cart Wheel Kit also available.

SPECIFICATIONS: Metal Hub: 4" diameter x 4 3/4" deep. 12 Spokes: 1" wide at hub. Felloe: 1" x 1".

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•  Axle mounts stationary to cart
•  Wheel rotates on axle spindle
•  Lubricated bushing and spindle assembly.
•  Axle widths available for either 30” or 36” wide carts
•  Axle mounting hardware not included.