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Chuck Wagon Project Keeps On “Cooking”

Our customer, Glenn Hanger, contacted us after acquiring an old farm wagon that he found in a barn a county over from where he lived. His plan--a father/son project to restore the wagon and convert it to a fully functioning chuck wagon. The chuck wagon turned out amazing. Glenn and his son, Adam, now use their chuck wagon to participate in Chuck Wagon Cookoffs together.

Using the existing wood components as a pattern, Glenn and Adam Hanger rebuilt the wagon box and repaired and replaced other deteriorated components on this historic wagon. (We also offer Chuck Wagon Plans if you need more information on how to build your wagon, chuck box and components.)

Some of the existing hardware was still with the wagon. Some of the wagon hardware that was missing, such as draw straps, brace irons and bow clips, Glenn ordered from us here at Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop.

The new wagon box was painted the traditional hunter green and the original running gear a standard implement orange.

Other items they needed to complete the chuck wagon included Wagon Bows and Canvas Cover and a Hinged-Lid Water Barrel.

We love when our customers share photos of their completed projects, but it was even cooler when Glenn and Adam stopped by the shop for a visit and a tour on their way to participate in the Chuck Wagon Cookoff at Cheyenne Frontier Days. We got to see the actual wagon and after a quick evaluation, Doug, the owner of HWWS was able to let Glenn know that he more than likely was the owner of a "now restored", Mitchell wagon.

Thanks, Glenn, for sharing the additional photos of the chuck wagon at Cheyenne Frontier Days.

If you are interested in completing your own Chuck Wagon, we have many other items to help you with your project. Click here to view our Chuck Wagon products.