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You Will Love These Wagon Wheel Chandelier Ideas

Customers have used our wheels in all sizes--both new and antique for creating their own custom light fixtures. Our customer combined antler sheds and chandelier bulbs with our Replacement Wagon Wheel to create a focal point in a large room with vaulted ceiling and beams.

Combine authenic wood hub wagon wheels, antique lanterns, horseshoes and replica western rifles and you've got a chandelier with rustic, Old West appeal. Here are the Decorative Wooden Wagon Wheels and Replica Western M1892 Rifle to use to design your own Wild West Chandelier.

Our Decorative Wood Wagon Wheels are authentic in design and come in a variety of sizes perfect for stacking to create a Tiered Chandelier. 

Combining antique wagon hitch equipment with wagon wheels is the perfect way to create a chandelier for above a large island or harvest table. We carry many different options for both Antique Wagon Wheels and Antique Doubletrees with Singletrees. Sizes and condition vary. Call us at 605-996-8754.