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Movie & Old West Props

Horse Drawn Vehicles


Red stagecoach with cowboys on wild west town set, used in the
Above is a stagecoach built by Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop that was purchased for use in the movie "Hateful Eight".


Prop Services for Movie and Stage Productions, Museums and Events:


Chuckwagon with canvas cover for AMC's

The production company for AMC's "Hell on Wheels", highlighted the premier of the show with this authentic chuckwagon from Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop complete with the show's logo on the canvas cover.

Chuckwagon on dusty western trail for German movie

Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop was contacted by a film company in Germany to provide a chuck wagon for use in the production of their movie "Gold". This movie which was set against the backdrop of the Canadian frontier premiered on February 9, 2013.

Historic chuckwagon for Arizona Heater Rentals

There's nothing like an historic chuckwagon to add western flair to any gathering. Tony Dixon of Arizona Heater Rentals added this authentic wagon from Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop to his list of party and event rental pieces and has been doing a booming business.

Historic wagon for Pizza Ranch

The ultimate signage for your restaurant or business. Nothing attracts attention like an historic wagon or stagecoach.

Horse-drawn wedding carriage for just married couple

Although Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop does not rent carriages for weddings, many of our customers have purchased or had carriages restored for that purpose. Carriages and horse-drawn vehicles are becoming a popular conveyance for weddings and events.

Antique and Decorative Wood Wagon Wheels


Displays of antique, decorative wooden wagon wheels branded for Jack Daniels

Retail companies love wood wagon wheels as a way of instantly creating a western flavor in their stores or at shows and events. Above are some wheels that we "branded" for Jack Daniels by adding an etched wood disc to the center of the hub with the company logo. Wagon wheels also make great movie and theatre props as well as seasonal displays.

Western event accessories, including mason jar chandelier, wagon wheels and more

Celebrate life's biggest moments with themed events with a country flair. Western outdoor weddings are a popular option and the theme can be carried through to the reception as well.


Western Props for Movies and Museums


Western props, historical antiques and replicas including wooden boxes, barrels, trunks and more.

Authentic original and replica period props create the admosphere for movie and theater productions and museum dioramas. Our inventory is constantly changing. Email us with your prop needs and we will put together a selection of historic items for you to choose from. We offer antiques and reproductions of period cookware, farm and blacksmithing tools, horse harness and hitch equipment, barrels, buckets and crates and stagecoach trunks and strong boxes.