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Historic Peddler's Vending Cart with Steel Tires

Stock No: WDVC11

Wonderful historic design adds nostalgia to product merchandising or film and theatre productions.

All the great detail found in vending carts of days gone by. The versatile design of this quality custom cart offers display on both sides of the cart. Wood crates are removable for ease of transport. Reminiscent of peddler's carts, this small display wagon is ideal for displaying all types of merchandise from produce to gift items. 30" wheels are constructed of hickory with a wood hub and steel tire. Curved sign board comes in black and is ready for signage or lettering. (Custom sign with logo or chalk board finish available-not included in price). Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery for any customization.

SPECIFICATIONS: Box: 32 1/2" Wide x 48 1/2" Long. (40" wide with removable crates installed; 54 1/2" long including handle.) Box Height: 31 1/2" (37 1/2" with crates). 73" to top of sign board.

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