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The Introduction of the Dakota Cowboy Chuck Wagon-Over 25 Years Ago

The Dakota Cowboy Chuckwagon

The cowboy way of life has intrigued all of us since the days of the great cattle drives. Here at Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop we share with you the spirit of the Old West that springs from our heritage. Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop is a family-owned and operated wagon manufacturer located in the rolling grasslands of the Dakota’s. The land of Jesse James, Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickok provides a rich background in western heritage.

We draw on this historic information when custom-building and restoring horse-drawn vehicles that reflect the western way of life. We have specialized in authentic western-style vehicles, including Covered Wagons, Chuck Wagons, Buckboards, Stagecoaches and Fifth-Wheel Prairie Schooners, since 1978. In the fourty years we’ve been building and restoring authentic-style wagons, we’ve customized them for a wide variety of uses -- trail drives on working ranches, displays for museums, western collector’s pieces, and settings for entertaining with old-fashioned western hospitality.

With a well established reputation for crafting high-quality, western-style wagons, wheels, and buggies, Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop carries its skilled workmanship to a new level with the introduction of the Dakota Cowboy Chuckwagon. Each chuckwagon is a piece of handcrafted art, authentically reproduced from original designs and historic photos, then fully outfitted with the cowboy gear carried on the trail a century ago--cook sets, coffee grinder, storage tins, water barrels, bed rolls and more.

Our chuckwagons turn back time and put you in the days of the cattle drives of the 1880’s. We want the wagon to look like it just came off the trail. You can own a part of the romantic history of the Old West through our western vehicles and chuckwagons. We custom build each wagon; and you can personally select the items and accessories you’d like us to include on your individual wagon. Providing each of our customers with what is often a one-of -a-kind wagon is always an exciting experience for us here at Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop.